Why does a child not look like his parents?

Answer it may just be for the time being. my sister has brown hair and looks NOTHING like my mom. my mother has blond hair and my sister has brown hair. my mother had brown hair as a child. so I'm pretty ... Read More »

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Does your house look like they way you dreamed it as a child?

I'm completely the opposite of you!I always wanted the busy city life. A loft or apartment in the city, busy, single, just "living it up" as they say.I ended up in the country, with the quitessenti... Read More »

If the parents are giving a friend their child how can the adult accepting the child become legally bonded so the parents cannot take custody of the child at some future time?

Answer Parents cannot "give" a child to someone.All parties must follow the required adoption or guardianship procedures according to the laws of the state and through the appropriate state court.... Read More »

Parents... Do your children look like you?

My daughter looks exactly like her father. As she gets older, I see myself in her more. She has my smile and my eyes. I wasn't disappointed when I realized she didn't look like me, I was highly ups... Read More »

How to Tell Which One of Your Parents You Look Like?

Have you ever wondered if people's opinions were right if they told you if you look like your mom, or you look like your dad? Have you been struggling with the answer of who you look like the most?... Read More »