Why does a chef wear an apron?

Answer Chefs work in many places, including restaurants, banquet halls, hotels, cooking schools and home-catered functions. No matter where they are working, chefs usually where aprons for a variety of re... Read More »

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What is the real word for the chef's apron?

According to the Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion, "apron" comes from the French word naperon meaning small tablecloth. Chef's aprons come in a variety of different sizes and styles including b... Read More »

Why does one have to wear a heavy lead apron during a dental X-ray?

AnswerTo absorb the x-rays. Dentists and dental technicians might x-ray several people each day and the long term effect of the exposure could kill them if they didn't protect themselves.its becau... Read More »

Why don't most women wear an apron in the household while cooking or cleaning?

I personally do not even think about it. My husband and I both work and I have a 2 year old too. By the time we all get home and I start dinner... an apron is the last thing on my mind. We don't ge... Read More »

What does a chef wear?

To set him apart from the remaining kitchen staff, a chef typically wears a banded, puffy white hat on his head. Along with the hat, traditionally a chef wears a reversible white double-breasted co... Read More »