Why does a chef wear an apron?

Answer Chefs work in many places, including restaurants, banquet halls, hotels, cooking schools and home-catered functions. No matter where they are working, chefs usually where aprons for a variety of re... Read More »

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Why does one have to wear a heavy lead apron during a dental X-ray?

AnswerTo absorb the x-rays. Dentists and dental technicians might x-ray several people each day and the long term effect of the exposure could kill them if they didn't protect themselves.its becau... Read More »

What does a chef wear?

To set him apart from the remaining kitchen staff, a chef typically wears a banded, puffy white hat on his head. Along with the hat, traditionally a chef wears a reversible white double-breasted co... Read More »

What Type of Wardrobe Does a Pastry Chef Wear?

A pastry chef is in charge of providing a restaurant with desserts and keeping bakery counters full of cookies, cakes and desserts. Many times, the pastry chef can be found working the overnight sh... Read More »

Why don't most women wear an apron in the household while cooking or cleaning?

I personally do not even think about it. My husband and I both work and I have a 2 year old too. By the time we all get home and I start dinner... an apron is the last thing on my mind. We don't ge... Read More »