Why does a cat's nose bleed?

Answer There are many possible causes for cat nosebleeds. One cause could be that vessels are damaged by trauma. Other causes could be injury to an organ, foreign objects in the nasal passage, leukemia,... Read More »

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How can i get my nose to bleed?

Hit yourself in the nose as hard as possible.

Bad nose bleed + headache?

You should sit down and lean over your knees and pinch your nostrils with your fingers,your nosebleed will soon stop then...................

What to do for a nose bleed?

A nosebleed can be scary to get--or see--but try to stay calm. Most nosebleeds look much worse than they really are. Almost all nosebleeds can be treated at home.If you get a nosebleed, sit down an... Read More »

How to Stop a Nose Bleed?

While it can be scary for blood to be coming out of the nose, most nosebleeds are harmless. They're often caused by a knock or blow to the nose, picking the nose, sneezing or blowing or from heat o... Read More »