Why does a cat vomit frequently?

Answer Cats are notorious for throwing up in the most annoying places and usually at the most inopportune times. Hairballs are a usual suspect when your cat begins making that distinctive hacking sound, b... Read More »

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When they say a symptom of pregnancy is frequent urination do they mean you go frequently or just have the urge frequently but not a lot comes out?

If I just got done working out and I feel like I'm going to vomit, should I just go ahead and vomit?

Let it come out, but it means you're overworking yourself or not drinking enough water. Don't hold in vomit -it's stomache acid, so it's harmful to hold back... Plus it gives you heartburny feelings.

Why does my cat vomit so much?

Cats throw up for any number of reasons but if your cat is vomiting frequently, it could have a serious health issue. You should consult a veterinarian to get your cat back in a healthy condition.K... Read More »

Why does a two year old vomit all the time?

Answer 1. Food allergy - Especially dairy products such as milk and cheese. This can also contribute to ear infections when younger. 2. Stressful environment.