Why does a cat lose hair around its eyes?

Answer Hair loss around a cat's eye can be a sign of a serious underlying condition. Many reasons can cause hair loss in cats, but not many involve the hair around the eyes.Hair loss in catsA cat may lose... Read More »

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Does getting hair in your eyes make you lose your eyesight?

Only if you stare, diffuse, squint, or strain because of it. These are incorrect vision habits that squeeze our eyes out of shape and give us blurry vision. I have student who blurred her vision in... Read More »

Does everyone lose hair during chemotherapy because i have long hair and i don't want to lose it all?

Not all chemotherapy regimes cause hair loss, though most do. Some just cause thinning of the hair, and some cause no hair loss at all.Your oncologist will be able to tell you whether you should ex... Read More »

What would the child look like if the mom had bleach blond hair and green eyes and the dad has brown hair and green eyes?

Well it definitely won't have bleach blond hair so i don't know why you didn't ask the question using the real hair colour because no one knows what colour it was. It is like asking if the child wo... Read More »

How to lose the tired eyes look?

I know this sounds crazy but Haemerroid cream works a treat! This is an old secret from the modelling/beauty pagent world. Preparation H or a similar hemorrhoids cream on the puffy areas.orIt also ... Read More »