Why does a car stall when the brake is pressed?

Answer Stalling under braking is a common problem with many causes. The complexity of modern fuel injected cars often both exacerbates the fault and makes diagnosis more difficult.Electrical FaultBrake li... Read More »

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Why Does a Car Stall When You Brake?

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Why Does My Car Stall When Shifted Into Gear?

There are several reasons why a car might stall when it is shifted into gear. The engine needs a specific amount of fuel and air when it idles and putting the car into gear puts pressure on the eng... Read More »

Why Does My Weed Trimmer Stall When I Tilt the Engine?

When the engine on a weed trimmer is tilted, it becomes harder for fuel to reach the carburetor. When the carburetor gets less fuel, it can choke and stall out. In normal operating conditions, fuel... Read More »

Why does your car stall when you drive through a puddle?

AnswerA car will stall when driven through standing water if the ignition system is not watertight. Worn spark plug wires and coil wire, improperly seated spark plug wires, or loose distributor cap... Read More »