Why does a cactus have a thick stem?

Answer Enlarged stems carry out photosynthesis and store water. Unlike many other succulents, the stem is the only part of a true cactus where this takes place. Much like many other plants that have waxy ... Read More »

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Does cactus have roots?

Yes, cactus plants have roots. Specifically, a cactus plant needs roots to take in moisture and dissolved nutrients from the soil. It is upon this underground supply of moisture and dissolved nutr... Read More »

Why does the cactus have needles?

Answer #1The cactus has needles to lessen the loss of moisture through evaporation. Needles are the cactus plant's equivalent of leaves. The smaller the leaf or needle surface, the less the loss of... Read More »

Why does the cactus have to live in the desert?

Answer Cacti are drought resistant - they can survive for weeks or months without water.

Does a long bean plant have a creeping stem?

The long bean, also known as the yard long bean and the Chinese long bean, does have a creeping stem. The stems will climb over whatever is nearby, and you can direct them to climb poles or trellis... Read More »