Why does a body stiffen after death?

Answer When the heart no longer beats, a body undergoes a series of changes that work to completely shut down all organs and cellular activity. The order in which this physiological shutdown occurs is bot... Read More »

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How does the black death get into your body?

The usually way for the bacteria causing Black Death to get into a person's body was by being put there by a flea, as it bit. Sometimes, people got a form of the black death that spread through tin... Read More »

Is your body lighter after death?

There is no evidence that the human body is lighter after death. In 1907, a doctor attempted to demonstate that a dead body was lighter than a live one in an experiment. However, the study was inco... Read More »

How long after death does a body become cold?

Typically, a dead body cools about 1 degree a minute until it reaches room temperature. This usually takes place between 12 and 48 hours after death. The cooling process is called algor mortis, and... Read More »

How Many Body Parts Can Be Harvested After Death to Aid the Living?

The number of body parts that can be donated depends primarily on the health of the donor. Donations taken from the deceased must be harvested within hours, while other organs and parts can be dona... Read More »