Why does a baby puke up after he drinks his formula?

Answer A baby pukes his or her fomula because its not that used to drinking sometimes milk has an after taste and when its burps it tastes even more nasty or the baby has had to much so when you pat it on... Read More »

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How long after mixing baby cereal with formula will it stay good?

I feel awful but i cant puke how can i make myself puke?

You shouldn't force yourself to, but this is how to if it helps.- Stick your finger down your throat, will cause a gagging reflex and make you throw up.- Drink A LOT of salty water. (I'm not 100% t... Read More »

Feeling to puke after drinking too much coke and soda?

The carbonation is reacting with your stomach acid. Also known has heartburn. Try water instead.

How much does baby formula cost?

Quality formula starts at 12 cents per ounce in 2009. Babies drink about 30 oz. per day, costing around $3.60 per day. Two-month-old babies drink about 40 oz. per day, costing $4.80 a day. The aver... Read More »