Why does a baby get hepatitis A positive?

Answer It is not the weight that is seen as a problem, it is how tall they are. Front seat belts are not designed for children under 4 foot 8 inches or 1,422 millimeters tall without a booster seat. In mo... Read More »

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I have a son who is Hepatitis B positive. At the moment, he is on no drugs. May I know if there is any cure.I?

Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment for Liver Enlargement, Hypertrophy, Jaundice, Hepatitis, Gall Stones :-#Bryonia. [Bry] When there are stitching pains in the right hypochondriac region, Bryonia is... Read More »

Can you purchase health insurance when you've had a false positive test for Hepatitis C?

A false positive test for Hepatitis C does not prohibit an individual from purchasing health insurance. Because the person never had the disease, the test result has no bearing on insurance decisio... Read More »

Does testing positive for asymptomatic hepatitis B qualify as a pre-existing condition?

Maybe but not always. You need to review the definition of pre-existing conditions. Here are two actual definitions: (a) A condition that would have caused an ordinary prudent person to seek medica... Read More »

Can a baby get hepatitis from there mom?

It appears there are only laws governing this in the states of Maryland and Illinois, however, Virginia does post guidelines for this as well as requirements that take into consideration the mental... Read More »