Why does a Young childhave discomfort when passing a bowel movement?

Answer autosomal dominant

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Is a vaginal discharge normal when you have a bowel movement?

White or clear vaginal discharge is completely normal for women on a daily basis, since the vagina is always cleaning itself. It is normal to have a discharge while having a bowel movement, since y... Read More »

Blood in stool when strained Frequent urge for bowel movement (2-3 times an hour)?

maybe you need to see the doctor. take an examination

How do blind people know when they're finished wiping following a bowel movement?

I didn't know blind people have bowel movements, that's like so emo.

How long does it have to be since your last bowel movement for you to be considered legally constipated?

I've been told that you should move 1 foot or more of stool out of your system per day (this is for someone who eats the average amount as according to the food guide and has adequate fiber... if ... Read More »