Why does a USB mass storage device iPod not have a driver installed and is registered as a different type of USB device?

Answer Answer windows does not need to know the device name if it shows the device as a mass storage device.

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How to Change a USB Mass Storage Device to Look Like Something Else?

Microsoft Windows includes a default set of icons, and regardless of what USB drive you connect to your computer, the icon will remain the same. If you use multiple drives, such as an external hard... Read More »

How do I Use the Western Digital My Book Mass Storage Device?

Using an external hard drive to protect and back up important files is always a good practice. The Western Digital My Book can also be convenient as a way to add virtually unlimited extra storage t... Read More »

Can you use a USB mass storage device to put Internet PS3 game patches on the system?

You can update the PlayStation 3 system in two ways. The first can be done while using the system. To do this, select "system update" from the main menu and follow the prompts. The second method re... Read More »

Can images be transferred from a Digital Camera to a USB Mass storage device directly without a PC/Laptop?

No. some device along the usb bus must be the master. and it's not your cam and it's not a disk the case of the ipod, it acts as the master. a simplistic master... but a master none the le... Read More »