Why does a Skype call make everything else slow?

Answer All applications use resources provided by your computer, such as RAM and CPU, Skype is obviously requires more of the your CPU's processing capacity and the space within your RAM, than say Google ... Read More »

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How do you make a skype call private?

You right click on their name and then click "Remove from Conversation". They then cannot join back unless someone who is the king of the call adds them back in. Unless you are the king of the call... Read More »

How to Make a Video Call on Skype?

Video Calling on Skype is pretty easy, but if you can't figure out how to here's some help. You need a computer and a webcam but that should be it unless your planning on talking, then get a microp... Read More »

How to Make a Test Call With Skype?

Setting up Skype on your computer for the first time can be confusing. If you have not previously used Skype or a similar program, you may not even know whether your speakers and microphone work co... Read More »

Can you make a video call from skype app on ipad2?

Yes.. but only at a few participating retailers so go in and ask.