Why does Youtube new 1080p mess up the video?

Answer it does that to everyone, you cant fix it.

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Is it possible to create 1080p video by video converter?

theoretically it is possible, since lots of video converter software announced they could keep even improve 1080i or lower to 1080p.…

What does 'we're sorry this video is no longer available' in youtube mean when you click on a video title ?

These might be possible:1. The owner deleted it2. Copyright laws - the music is coppyright, or something else3. It's not available in your countryHope this helps!x

How to Transfer a YouTube Video Sound Track to Another YouTube Video?

It's actually really easy to transfer the soundtrack of a YouTube video to another video. It just involves using free converting programs to download the mp3 file.

How would you put a clip from a youtube video in another youtube video?

Use the YouTube video editorIf the clip is from your YouTube video then it is my videos tab. You can trim itIf its from others, then it has to be Creative Commons and these kids of videos are rareW... Read More »