Why does YouTube turn my computer into a sleepy turtle :) ?

Answer Streaming video takes a lot of bandwidth, so if you're watching YouTube stuff while also surfing around the Internet, your computer has to compromise by either giving one website priority, or split... Read More »

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Is it possible to turn my tv into a computer ?

Can I turn my old HP computer into a Chromebook?

I found this online. Maybe it might help you.A Simple Guide To Convert Your PC To Chromebookby ARPIT VERMAMost of us have heard of these things called Chromebooks. They are Google’s take at the m... Read More »

Can you turn a computer into a server?

A server is just a machine that shares data on a network. The main difference between workstations and servers is that the file systems and memory of servers are optimized to move files and data qu... Read More »

How to Turn My Computer Into a Scanner?

Computers are complex pieces of hardware that are designed to able to run hundreds of thousands of different programs by performing complex calculations. Computer have various pieces of hardware in... Read More »