Why does YouTube turn my computer into a sleepy turtle :) ?

Answer Streaming video takes a lot of bandwidth, so if you're watching YouTube stuff while also surfing around the Internet, your computer has to compromise by either giving one website priority, or split... Read More »

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How to Make a Sleepy Symbol From My Computer Keypad?

Emoticons, or combinations of punctuation marks and symbols, allow you to express your emotions pictorially. Many of the well-known emoticons, such as :) or :(, use characters from keyboards. Usin... Read More »

If I turn my computer off for 2 weeks will it still have all info on when I turn it back on?

Can the X31 Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headset be used on the computer as a mic also?

You can connect the PC sound card output to the X31 transmitter input and hear the PC sound. To connect the mic, you'll need to connect an XBOX wired controller to the PC USB port and connect the h... Read More »

Is using the Turn Off button to turn off your computer harmful?

I don't recommend it. Holding it in for 8 seconds to shut it off can't be good for your motherboard, and power supply. It's also not good for the hard drive, as Windows could become corrupt. Just p... Read More »