Why does Yahoo start you off with 100 pts instead of 0?

Answer They ecourage you to ask a few questions which are in ur mind, before you start answering others.Tell me one thing, how can there be any question on this site, if there would be no points to begin ... Read More »

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How many people use google instead of yahoo even though you have a yahoo answers account?

Because google actually has a much better search engine, corrects your spelling etc., and offers a wider variety than the yahoo search, plus this is supposed to be silly and fun and not for the laz... Read More »

Why does the volume on my new receiver start at -80db instead of 0?

Your receiver is giving you the cut and amped range for reference level listening. If you want to watch a movie the way it was intended listen at 0 db. The -80 is the Yamaha's software cutoff for i... Read More »

Why does the tonight show start at 1135 instead of 1130?

To let the local newscasts have room for more commercials.

Why does internet explorer automatically start when i go to yahoo?

Yahoo isn't just a search engine anymore. It is a social network, hosting service and affiliate marketer. It is easy to get confused as to what the company's software can and cannot do. This unders... Read More »