Why does Wikipedia allow edits by Anon IP's?

Answer Wikipedia allows edits by "anonymous" unregistered users for several practical reasons.First of all, even if 25% of all edits by unregistered users are vandalism, the remaining 75% of all edits rem... Read More »

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Should the German Wikipedia allow edits only by experts in their subject area?

There may have been debate but it's not a serious proposal because what you're describing isn't Wikipedia; it's a different project called Citizendium. The ability to contribute to Wikipedia articl... Read More »

I am wondering who edits wikipedia?

A wide variety of people have edited Wikipedia at one time or another. Most of them quickly get tired of Wikipedia's crap, or they just plain forget about it.The ones who keep at it are mostly anti... Read More »

Who edits the Wikipedia encyclopedia?

its an open website, anyone that wants to, can do.

How quickly do edits to an article in Wikipedia appear?

Edits appear immediately when they are made. The review happens afterward, but rarely in a coordinated fashion - people can see what changes have been made, and revert them or make their own change... Read More »