Why does Wikipedia allow an article about The Swingtips, but not about SEO 2.0?

Answer Why Wikipediots do anything is often a mystery, even though their response to this particular query is extremely predictable: WP:OTHERSTUFFEXISTS. My best guess in this particular case is that Wiki... Read More »

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Why does Wikipedia allow complete strangers to write outlandish lies and obfuscations about Rory Emerald?

Because that's what Wikipedia is for: to defame people that you don't like and not be held accountable. Daniel Brandt, Ron Livingston, John Seigenthaler, to name just a few, have all been slandered... Read More »

How do you put an article about you on wikipedia?

It is against Wikipedia policy to make a page about yourself. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and as such all topics must be notable, and must have ample sourcing (e.g. published books, magazine and... Read More »

Is there an article on Wikipedia about you?

no.. i dont think anyone can do that unless youre famous or something..

There's a wikipedia article about me?

You fail to give us the name of the page, so there is nothing we can do. If you are not notable it will soon be deleted in the usual course of business. Free free to comment on the talk page of the... Read More »