Why does Vista want drivers for EVERYTHING?

Answer I guarantee you that modem came with a driver. You can get a copy on the website of whatever brand it is. It's not Vista's fault that your ethernet port is broken. .

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WIll my Sony handycam DCR-HC-42E work with vista through firewire there are no usb streaming vista drivers!?

No - thats because you do not need USB drivers - or anything to do with USB.Your camcorder has an i-link (AKA 'Firewire' , 'IEEE1394', 'DVport' ) and that is what you should be using to transfer ... Read More »

Can Vista 64 drivers be used in XP?

You cannot use device drivers designed for 64-bit Windows Vista in 32-bit Windows XP. Because of the way that 64-bit drivers are written, no 64-bit drivers are backwards-compatible with 32-bit vers... Read More »

Where are the drivers in Vista found?

The device drivers for the Windows Vista operating system are found in the "DriverStore" folder. The location of the folder is: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore. In earlier versions of Windows, the ... Read More »

Can you use Vista drivers on Windows 7?

Many of the drivers for the Windows Vista operating system will also work with Windows 7 due to the closeness between the two systems. Windows 7 users can also use the Windows "Program Compatibilit... Read More »