Why does Spanish moss grow on trees?

Answer Spanish moss is a type of moss prevalent in the southern United States. It grows in silver-green curtain-like sheets from the branches of large trees, most commonly the live oak and the bald cypres... Read More »

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Does Spanish moss kill trees?

Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides), which isn’t a moss or Spanish, is rootless and doesn’t kill trees. It is an air plant (epiphyte) that obtains nutrients from minerals in rainwater, dust in ... Read More »

Does Spanish moss harm trees?

Spanish moss is a flowering plant that depends on the branches of trees to support its growth. Spanish moss is not parasitic and so it does not acquire any nutrients from the tree. However, trees t... Read More »

Does moss grow on trees?

Does the Spanish moss cause damage to trees?

The School of Forest Resources and Conservation indicates that Spanish moss can damage trees. The moss can grow over the leaves and branches, and this makes it difficult for photosynthesis to occur... Read More »