Why does Sony require you to give your full name and address when downloading the PC Suite for Sony Ericsson?

Answer This is just like anything else on the Internet such as "quality assurance" surveys and so on. They are doing it because your name is sold. This is why people in the United States recieve so much j... Read More »

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How to Backup Files in Sony Ericsson PC Suite?

If you have a Sony Ericsson cell phone and wish to make a backup copy of the files contained on your cell phone, one program you may use to complete this task is the Sony Ericsson PC Suite software... Read More »

Does the Sony Ericsson P1i have a built-in GPS?

The Sony Ericsson P1i does not have built-in GPS. However, it does have Bluetooth. You can get GPS navigation on your P1i by pairing it with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and installing navigation and m... Read More »

Why won't my Sony Ericsson let me put on certain songs?

First make sure it is MP3 format and then change the MP3 format it is in with a MP3 converter best to use 128Kbps for cellphone or even lower bit rate will work

What should you buy iPhone 3gs or sony ericsson x10?

I think the iPhone but it's your opinion. I mean, the x10 is a good phone but the iPhone is easier to use and it's just cool.