Why does Salvation Army ask for money...?

Answer You are right, it does sound odd and funny. But when you think about the message of God and Jesus Christ, it makes sense. Jesus said to love the sinner, but hate the sin. So if they see alcohol a... Read More »

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Do you get money for donating to salvation army?

No, you don;t get money, but you do get the satisfaction of helping someone not as fortunate as you. Isn't that enough?

How to Donate a Car to the Salvation Army?

The 'old car in the field' can help someone else.Do you have an old car sitting around in your driveway or backyard that you haven't driven in years? Instead of letting it rot away in your driveway... Read More »

Is a monetary contribution to the Salvation Army a tax deduction?

According to the Salvation Army's website, donations to the Salvation Army are tax-deductible. Typically, you can claim the donation amount (up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income) for the ... Read More »

Salvation Army California Tax Deduction Lists?

The Salvation Army, founded in 1881 by William and Catherine Booth, continues to inspire and provide hope for individuals who need emotional, social and spiritual assistance. The Adult Rehabilitati... Read More »