Why does RAM go up in increments of double?

Answer Computers are actually in the Binary system....All the way down to a bit, all the counting is done in Base 2. So each increase is the next value of 2 to the Nth Power. Such as 2 to the 10th power... Read More »

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Double 1/4 pounder or Double Whopper-OR dOuble meat-sub?

THE new Double INDY Whopper-bacon&peper Jack cheese!!!

What Are the Increments on a Tape Measure?

Tape measures have a series of lines, some longer, some shorter, that have no numbers associated with them. Many people know how to read the marked lines but not the unmarked ones. Tape measures ma... Read More »

Excel: Increments on the X axis?

You should not use a line graph. Instead use a Scatter Chart, which will do exactly what you want.

MySQL: How to Insert Auto Increments?

Auto-increment fields are special fields provided in MySQL that are automatically updated every time an "insert" statement takes place on a table. This is useful, as it avoids the need to physicall... Read More »