Why does Poseidon hate Odysseus?

Answer "Poseidon" was the Greek name for the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses, according to Odysseus is the central character of the "Odyssey," Homer's epic poem about the journey of Od... Read More »

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What made poseidon angry at odysseus?

According to the Greek epic poem, the "Odyssey," written by Homer, Poseidon became angry with Odysseus when he blinded Poseidon's son, Polyphemus the Cyclops. Odysseus entered the cave of Polyphem... Read More »

What did Odysseus do to prove to the neatherd Philoetius and to Eumaeus that he was truly Odysseus?

In what ways does Odysseus develop as a character during the course of the narrative Does he develop at all?

What does Poseidon mean?

Poseidon was the ancient Greek gGod of the sea, as well as the father of all earthquakes. According to the Society for Ancient Hellenic Studies, the word "Poseidon" derives from the Greek words for... Read More »