Why are the citizens of Oregon not allowed to pump their own gasoline?

Answer Oregon didn't let truck drivers pump their own fuel for a long time. I remember pulling up to the pumps in Bend, OR in 1994 and get out to start pumping my fuel... the young man came running out ... Read More »

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How long does a DUI stay on your record in Oregon?

Oregon law does not allow DUI charges to be expunged from a driver's record. Once a driver has an arrest on his vehicle record, the charge remains indefinitely--whether the arrest results in a conv... Read More »

How does a first DUI show on your driving record in Oregon?

Oregon law considers anyone with a blood-alcohol concentration of more than .08 percent as intoxicated. If you drive while intoxicated, you will have this noted on your driving record--likely resul... Read More »

How long does it take before your insurance company approves your insulin pump?

Every insurance company is different.They typically stall because the pumps are very expensive and they want to hang onto their 'profits' as long as possible. Insurance companies don't care about y... Read More »

Why does the skimmer top pop out every time your pump shuts off on your above-ground pool?

Check you water level. It sounds like you have too much water in your pool. When your pump is running, it is "sucking" water through the skimmer, keeping the water level pulled down inside of the s... Read More »