Why does Norton keep saying I have 2 risks in every scan?

Answer Let me help you, Norton might be seemingly the best, but at certain important angle it is the worst! It'll reduce your available RAM for usage, will try bossing around which at times will be nervin... Read More »

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Why does my computer keep saying copy unauthorized when i scan something?

That has to do with what you're attempting to scan, my friend. Many up-to-date scanners have an inbuilt system to prevent scanning of such things as money and the like.

How do I keep Norton virus scan up-to-date?

Connect to the Internet and open Norton AntiVirus 2010. Note that Norton AntiVirus 2010 is the most recent Norton virus scan product at the time of publication of this article.Click on "Computer" a... Read More »

If i already have norton internet security and scan thingy will i have to delete it if i have avg?

You should only ever use one anti-virus at a time since they can conflict with each other. Un-install one and use the other, although I wouldn't recommend either of the ones you have stated since t... Read More »

The MyCleanPC free scan is saying I have hundreds of problems. How is this possible?

Its a fake software that extracts moneyif you are using firefox use the WOT add-on and visit thier site : www.mycleanpc.comIt marks that it is unsafe