Why does My Samsung Admire keeps shutting off g?

Answer in your display setting change the screen timeout. From what I can see in the manual its default is 5 seconds.

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Does the Samsung Admire have a front camera?

from wat ive heard, yes it does have a front camera, but metropcs says its not supported at this time . . . (if ever)

Why does my Samsung HDTV keep shutting off all of a sudden?

You may be having an HDMI handshake issue. Are you using an HDMI cable to attach the box to your tv? If so, try using some component cables instead and see if you have better results. Component ca... Read More »

Does this happen to everyone the computer keeps shutting down saying it`s to protect from something or other?

omg thar in trouble there lass, i ditched that norton 2 year ago, they charge you too took me ages to get my money back, you want one of them free ones Avast's ok or windows own anyhow give it a go... Read More »

IPhone keeps shutting off?

Check out your phones charger socket, may it damage. Or your battery is not working. Check it. Ether you have to submit it on service center.