Why does Mountain Dew do me like that?

Answer Well it is an allergic reaction and guess what the more you drink it the worse it will be in your body and your symptoms will increase not decrease so watch out.what ever you do STOP DRINKING IT BU... Read More »

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What does a mountain dulcimer sound like?

The sound a mountain dulcimer produces depends on the shape of the musical instrument, which is composed of a wooden base with three strings attached. For example, a mountain dulcimer with an hourg... Read More »

Does anyone know why Mountain Dew dosen't fizz like Coca Cola?

Essentially, it's dowm to different ingredients used. Also, a different recipe formula. And slightly different additives.

Do you like the taste of MOUNTAIN DEW?

I totally love the taste of Mountain Dew and i am addicted to it....Yes it is a fizzy drink

What do u like sprite or mountain due?