Why does Media Player not work on my computer?

Answer Windows Media Player may not be working properly on your computer for a number of reasons. To troubleshoot, you need to identify both the version of Windows operating system you have installed on ... Read More »

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Does Media Player 11 work with Media Center 2005?

Windows Media Player 11 plays music, video and audio and is available as a free download for Windows users from the Microsoft website. This version of Windows Media Player is compatible with Window... Read More »

Why does my media player slow down my computer?

Many programs can slow your computer's performance; unfortunately, Windows Media Player is a common culprit. Reasons include automatic loading, multiple sound files and defragmentation.Automatic L... Read More »

Does iPod work with Windows Media Player?

In order to use Windows Media Player with an Apple iPod, you must download a compatible plug-in. MGTEK dopisp and wmPod are popular plug-ins available online and allow users to sync their iPods wi... Read More »

Does windows media player work with mpeg?

Windows Media Player comes with a MPEG-1 decoder installed, so any MPEG-1 compatible file should play. However, if the file contains MPEG-2-encoded video, you will need to purchase an additional MP... Read More »