Why does Japanese Curry look thick in Anime?

Answer Hello Nikki, Japanese Curry tends to be thicker than a traditional Indian style curry. It is typically made with a roux that is more like a sauce and therefore thicker. It is usually served on top ... Read More »

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How to make traditional Japanese Curry from scratch?

Last year, I went through a LOT of experimentation to copy the taste of Japanese curry, and came up with something you might like.First, don't use curry powder - most of these will have too much fe... Read More »

How to Learn Japanese Using Anime?

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Japanese Anime Hairstyles for Men?

Japanese street fashion is known for its cutting-edge trendiness. Japanese anime in particular has influenced hairstyles among hip Japanese men. Along the streets of Tokyo, you'll be able to find m... Read More »

How to Draw Japanese Anime?

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