Why does Israel feel like it needs the US' permission to defend itself?

Answer National Security Council

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How does a flamingo defend itself?

The world's six species of flamingoes live generally free of predators, yet still have adaptations for self-defense. Intercommunity squabbling can result in damage to nests and eggs, and at such ti... Read More »

How does the great blue heron defend itself?

The stately appearance of the great blue heron signifies grace, elegance and beauty. When safety is threatened, these birds defend themselves valiantly against predators such as man, raccoons, foxe... Read More »

O.O My webcam turned on itself i feel like im being stalked?

for now, post- it cover the webcam. There are all kinds of flash vulnerabilities, etc. that people can take advantage of, and that is just the tip of the iceberg in a sense... Nice that peeping tom... Read More »

Why does my laptop shut itself down when I am in the middle of typing out an email without my permission?

No, definitely not normal behavior. No computer should randomly shut itself off. You could have a hardware failure of sorts, perhaps a bad fan that's causing your computer to overheat and shut itse... Read More »