Why does Google think my website is about gardening when I'm a book designer?

Answer The mysteries of Google PageRank.No one's entirely sure how it works out some of the stuff. But here are some things that might help:1) Try and get related sites to link to you: most of PageRank is... Read More »

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What about "Google Plus" launched by Google to challenge Face Book?

yes defanately , but many people questions is will it work or not? .Some analysts are asking whether Google expansion into the social media sphere is a bad move. TechCruch guest contributor Semi... Read More »

What do you party freaks in the gardening section think about Obama winning re-election?

Don't sarcastically hate against gardeners. That's wrong.It's also incredible that some blacks acted like this was some kind of civil rights movement and by voting for Obama, they were keeping thei... Read More »

In the book Ellen foster wat does Ellen think about her Aunt Nadine and her cousin Dora?

Yes he has been on the Oprah Winfrey show, and apparently he admitted he was a bisexual..... but he isn'tyou can also watch it on youtube, but he does not say he is bisexual!!!

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