Why does Google have like a lego logo today?

Answer This is the day Tetris was brought into the world. When Google was their little specialized Google logo days, you can just click on it to find out what it's for.

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What's with today's Google logo?

Today is the birthday of Samuel Morse, the creator of morse code.The logo is in morse code.

Isn't today's Google logo the best ever?

Does anyone know why google today has that lego thing on the title?

Lego's 50th anniversaryIf you want more information on Google Logos, just ask me. I'm an expert at Google and things.I collect them here =)…God Bless!

What does the MMXL mean the google logo today?

MMXL means 2011.It is deprived from Roman Numerals.And Google put it in between and outlined in yellow so that it represents the new year.I think it's very clever but I'll admit that at first I did... Read More »