Why does Good posture hurt my back?

Answer There are a few reasons why this could be. Many young people slouch because they feel awkward, are self-conscious, or their usually more mobile skeletons feel more comfortable in those positions. Y... Read More »

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If your back is kind of hunch back what can you do too adjust your posture?

Great answers so far! I can only add that you might want to look into doing exercises that will help you build strong core muscles. Pilates (as suggested in Marie's answer) is an excellent way to ... Read More »

Isn't it weird how people can carry heavy things & never hurt their back but then they hurt their back ->?

I completely understand it and can offer you a reason why that happened to you. My daughter for the last year and a half had to carry heavy bags full of accounting files on the train day in and da... Read More »

Problems With Back Posture?

Poor posture is one of the main cause for joint pain, muscle spasms and work-related injuries. Anthony Carey, owner of Function First in San Diego, states that misalignment of the pelvis can lead t... Read More »

Can you get lower back pain from bad posture?