Why does France have so many food courses?

Answer When enjoying a full French meal, there are several courses, usually five or more. Cooking is a highly regarded art form in France and eating is considered a cherished pleasure.HistoryFrance has be... Read More »

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How many ecosystems does France have?

An ecosystem, also known as an ecoregion or a biome, is an environmental region with distinct climate, terrain, plant and animal life. France has three major ecosystems. Most of the nation is the t... Read More »

How many official cheeses does France have?

In 2008 the Sunday Times reported that there are between 250 to 1,000 named cheeses within the country of France. According to Kwintessential, however, there are only 246 French cheeses recognized... Read More »

How many aircraft carriers does France have?

France has one aircraft carrier online, the Charles-de-Gaulle. It is currently building the second aircraft carrier, the Deuxième Porte-Avions, which is scheduled to go online in 2014, so that the... Read More »

Do they have spice food in France?

It does exist, but Frenchmen are not yet accustomed to very spicy food.Indian restaurants are more common than they were but the food tends to be more mild than expected.If you are visiting France ... Read More »