Why does Facebook slow my pc down And does it put loads of pubbish on your pc?

Answer each time someone pokes you and you agree to poke people it puts more crap onto the web-based application and some corporation takes your information for sales purposes.

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My PC is running slow, my daughter downloads loads of music, could this be the cause of my problem?

How do you get loads of like on facebook on your pictures?

Frankly speaking, why care getting likes ? As long as you like it why the heck do you want to get likes for it . Other people have their owns opinions so whether they want to like something or not ... Read More »

How do i get loads of like on my facebook profile pic?

Get "swag" hahaha!! Jk put on some sunglasses & make a stylish hairdo then find a cool background & take a pic. Second of all be nice to others also by liking let's say 2 pics of a few friends and ... Read More »

Deleted facebook now got loads of spare time, what do i do?

find a hobby or a focus that will benefit you like reading to help education or running to get fit. Set goals and try to reach them :)