Why does Facebook keep telling me I'm amazing?

Answer You have multiple personailty syndrome that compels your other egos to flatter each other.

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Why does my pc keep telling me i have very low virtual memory?

Have you tried using something like "CrapCleaner" which gets rid of loads of rubbish files that you always get simply from switching on seemingly! I was on Yahoo for three hours the other day and t... Read More »

Why does my camera (Canon Powershot A550) keep telling me I need to change the batteries?

check if you are using NiCad (nickel-cadmium) rechargables.these hold a memory effect, and can reduce the voltage level even when fully charged.

How does a computer keep its digital clock running even after years of being shut down. Its pretty amazing?

Yup.Well when you close your computer, there's still a little part inside that stays on. It works with a battery, and it uses so little power (kinda like a close using close to no power) that it la... Read More »

People have been telling me to keep a stiff upper lip............?

Hi dude; It's just an old phrase, meaning, "Hang in there, it's going to get better". You posted a Q along these lines the other day... Are you OK?Peace,Bobby