Why does Facebook keep telling me I'm amazing?

Answer You have multiple personailty syndrome that compels your other egos to flatter each other.

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What's a polite way of telling someone you don't want to friend them on Facebook?

Just simply state you're not interested in making friends with people you don't know and would like to concentrate on catching up with those people you do? And that you appreciate their invitation.

Can't get to my Facebook account keeps telling me I have a broken link HTTP 404?

Strange one Gus, wish I had an answer. I'll star this and maybe someone will see it and have something for advice. Good luck :)

How to Take an Amazing Facebook Profile Picture?

Facebook profile pictures come and go. We all want a perfect one that everybody will comment on and one that everyone will like! Here's a guide which will teach you how to get the best one.

Ever wondered what it looks like when you ovulate Have a look at these amazing pictures. Amazing huh?

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