What kind of psychopath does Sherlock call himself in a study in pink?

Answer He says he is not a psychopath but a "high functioning sociopath".

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Which tastes better burnt The 40-cent mac and cheese or the 33-cent french fries?

Well I like crispy French fries, but my mom burnt me out on the 33 cent French fries... soI'm going to say the 40 cent mac and cheese is better, because you can mix in extra cheese and mask the bur... Read More »

Why do some people on here get mad when I call Michael Jackson hot?

they are seriously just jealous because their looks fail compared to michaels :D

Why is it ok to call Michael Jackson(proven innocent) a pedophile but not Elvis Presley?

im not trying to sound racist but i think it was because Elvis was whiteTHEY ALWAYS HATE ON MJ

Does jamie lee curtis have any siblings?

Her dad Tony Curtis had 6 children. Jamie has one full sister and 4 half. One of her half brothers died.