How long does it take for your sim friend to reply?

Answer Well I got my first email saying how glad she is that i picked her, and then about four hours later, i got another email telling me that she saw some one moving into the house next to her. But in t... Read More »

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HOw long will it take for USPS to reply with a response regarding drug test or pre screening?

It could be a couple of months before you hear anything, or it could be a couple of weeks. 83.9% is not a bad score but, there are many people that score 100%. Then you have to consider if there ar... Read More »

How do you reply to this?

Play for the team! This is the correct response...Good luck!

How to Get a Boy to Reply to You on Bbm?

When you get/find out a pin of someone you like and he won't reply it's so annoying right? So this article will tell you exactly how to get this boy to reply!

How to reply to someone when?

just change the conversation .. talk about a new topic .. a topic she likes maybe hope that helpsgood luck x