How long does it take for your sim friend to reply?

Answer Well I got my first email saying how glad she is that i picked her, and then about four hours later, i got another email telling me that she saw some one moving into the house next to her. But in t... Read More »

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HOw long will it take for USPS to reply with a response regarding drug test or pre screening?

It could be a couple of months before you hear anything, or it could be a couple of weeks. 83.9% is not a bad score but, there are many people that score 100%. Then you have to consider if there ar... Read More »

Does benadryl make you sleepy If so how long does it take before it kicks in And how long will i sleep?

Yes. It makes you sleepy. As a chronic insomniac I would take it to get sleepy. Except for prescription sleeping pills, which the doctors don't like to let you have on a nightly basis and due to th... Read More »

How long does it take for ibuprofen to kick in and once it has kicked in how long does it last?

15-30 minutes to kick in...depending on what's in your stomach...4-6 hours, duration of action...

How long does it take for the 1st and 2 layer of skin take to heal after minor cut?

Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!