Why does Apple have so much critisism?

Answer I agree with one answer completely.Lots of people hate PCs.Lots of people hate Macs.Lots of people hate spinach.Lots of people love spinach.Lots of people say "warsh".Lots of people say "wash".Infi... Read More »

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Critisism for disciplining my child in public?

You have to do what you feel is right for the situation and your child. If you feel that a short smack is sufficient along with a lecture, that is more appealing than a parent screaming abuse at a... Read More »

Your apple iPod headphones jack snapped off you have only had this for a couple months and you have the one year warranty with apple Will Apple replace these headphones?

Yeah its about that, as any mechanical device, headphone also need burn in... The biggest changes happen in the first 24 hours tough... in those first 24 hours dont make them constantly running as ... Read More »

I swallowed some apple seeds and I'm real scared an apple tree will grow inside me?

My dear, keep drinking water.Don't you know? Preventing the seeds from sprouting is like abortion!!!You have life inside of you!!!Don't do it! You will go to Hell!!!I pray to Jesus, you will not a... Read More »

If you water an apple tree with apple juice, is it forced cannibalism?

CUTE....but, no. Cannibalism is defined as the practice of humans eating the flesh of other humans. The etymology of cannibalism is "Carib," the name of Caribbean tribes people whom apparently prac... Read More »