Why does Andre Champagne give me a headache the next day?

Answer too much sugar,the best champagnes are dry,the lower the quality of wine the more residual sugar they allow to remainin finished product.french champagne like Dom or Crystal are very,very,dry,that... Read More »

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Does smoking weed give you a headache?

First of all.Its not that bad.Its medicine after all.Not illegal in all places.And people who use it for medication are disgusted by stupid people who only listen to TV and get their fake facts the... Read More »

Does too much sleep give you a headache?

Firstly - yes, too much sleep will do this. Too much sleep on a regular basis will also make you go insane, same as if you don't get enough sleep. And the more you sleep, the more tired you will fe... Read More »

Why does draft beer give me a headache?

Draft beer is beer that is filtered and served from containers such as kegs. It can cause headache because it is a form of alcohol, which can cause hangovers.HangoversA headache after drinking draf... Read More »

Why does codeine phosphate give me a headache and nausea?

Could be a sensitivity to codeine. It may not have bothered before but it does now, that can happen after repeated or additional exposure to something. Contact your doctor, or call the pharmacist... Read More »