Why doea my eyes twitch & now face spasm out of control?

Answer best is to go and consult ur doctor

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Why do eyes twitch or tic?

You would think mine would do that allot for all the times you keep me up so late....that and your sexy MILFness....*droolsAnyway if you really wanna know.....Ahem:Blepharospasm is the technical te... Read More »

Face skin moisturized / collagen activator to reduce around eyes wrinkles and all the face,?

for the eye area this is what I've used for the last 4 yrs Extreme Eye Rescue. It's by Isabellla Pelle. Though don't know what you mean by goo.

Doea 5 hour energy really work?

It works to a point I have used it and other drinks more to focus than stay awake. Nothing can really make up for / compensate poor sleeping habits in my opinion.

Face Exercises for Under Eyes?

The eyes are known as the window into your soul, and you want what comes through that window to look young and smooth. So, to help rid your eyes of unwanted marks and prevent them from occurring, y... Read More »