Why do your teeth feel strange when you bite aluminum ?

Answer Biting on aluminum foil can be painful and is­ usually noticed if you have metal in your mouth from dental work (e.g. fillings, crowns). Basically, when you bite on foil, you set up a battery in y... Read More »

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Why does it hurt when you bite into aluminum foil with a metal filling in your tooth?

It's called "galvanic shock". It's a little electrical current or shock that happens when two unlike metals in the mouth touch. Your saliva contains salt which makes it a good conductor. Plus the t... Read More »

Why do my teeth feel like they just want to bite?

i get this alot, hence the reason why i chew my tongue (dont get that habit btw its not very nice)but its very strange i usually crave some meat or something chewy and then it passes whan i chew so... Read More »

If you die before you brush your teeth, will a strange smell emit from your mouth?

When your body goes to the morgue, they sew your jaw shut through your nose to the bottom of your mouth so it will stay closed without the stitches being seen. Otherwise your mouth will hang open a... Read More »

Dumpyvey: Ladies, when you put a dress and heals on for the first time in months, do you feel strange?

Im sure you look fine. Sometimes when you dont wear something for a while..then put it feel a lil uncomfortable. I get that way if Ive taken a break from wearing make up..for one reason or ... Read More »