Why do your pupils dialate when you drink?

Answer Usulllay your pupils don't dialate when you get drunk...Thats why if you get pulled over for suspicion of drinking...they shine a light in your eyes...The chemicals in the alcohol slow do... Read More »

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Do your pupils contract or dilate when you die?

They dilate. The iris (colored part) is a muscle, and like every muscle, it relaxes when you're dead so your pupils are bigger.

Do eye doctors usually dialate your eyes during your yearly eye exam?

I usually pass on the dilation and opt to have my eyes dilated every other year. I do have to sign a statement the years that I do not have dilation that I refused it and that the optometrist is n... Read More »

Is there a way to un-dialate your eyes after an eye exam?

nope. I hate to say it, but you'll just have to deal with it for another few hours. I know the feeling. I couldn't do my homework when I had my eyes dilated

Why are my pupils huge when I'm in pain?

They also get big- or dilate- when you're in pain or scared!This happens because when you're in pain, your autonomic system (the subconscious part of your brain) kicks in. That means that your body... Read More »