Why do your plants grow four leafs and then fall over?

Answer My best guess is damp off, a fungal problem with some seedlings. Find a good fungicide at your local nursery, one recommended for damp off and apply according to package directions. Don't be afra... Read More »

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What are the four elements plants need to grow?

What four elements do plants need to grow?

plants need ten elements to live they are oxygen,hydrogen,carbon,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,calcium,magnesium,iron and sulphur to grow

The rain tore the leafs off of my cucumber plants?

Are you sure it wasn't hail? THey might come back - give them a chance. If you have extra seeds and they are cheap, you can plant them just in case, and just yank them out if the ones that lost the... Read More »

What Kind of Plants or Flowers Grow to Fall Through the Winter?

Not all flowers and shrubs cease blooming during the fall or winter. Perennials and annuals display sprays of flowers in golds, rusts and whites. Shrubs bear scores of berries under gray skies. Bul... Read More »