What in onions make our eyes water?

Answer It is not the strong odor of the onion that makes us cry, but the gas that the onion releases when we sever this member of the lily family.The onion itself contains oil, which contains sulfur, an i... Read More »

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Does any1 have any good tips how to stop your eyes from watering when cutting onions?

Stop my eyes watering when cutting onions?

The main thing you want to do is to start cuttiing the onion from the top, NOT the root end.The root end is extremely strong, the top milder. I find that works every time.Also, sticking w/ sweet on... Read More »

How do u stop ur eyes watering when chopping onions?

How to Chop Onions Without Burning Your Eyes?

If you have ever chopped onions, you have likely suffered the accompanying eye irritation at some point. The burning and tearing has plagued generations and spawned a range of remedies from burning... Read More »