Why do your children have epicanthal eyes without being Asian?

Answer I'd call his/her pediatrician and see if you can get a prescription for nystatin cream. They may want you to come in to verify it is yeast infection. Also, fyi that yeast infections are common in k... Read More »

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How to Apply Makeup to Asian Eyes (Without a Fold/Crease)?

Eye makeup tutorial for girls who have single lidded eyes.

In California, how many children can you keep in your home without being a certified daycare provider?

Any number of kids, as long as they are all from only one family other than your own.

How can I make my eyes look Asian without surgery (I already know that eyeliner is good to do by I need more!!?

Very thick, Jet Black eyeliner and lots of mascara...

Can you have your mother insured on your car without being on the policy yourself?

Answer Yes, but in order to avoid coverage issues, you need to consider a few things:1. If you and your mother live together, it would be best if your mom listed your vehicle on her policy. Otherw... Read More »