Why do your blueberry bushes have black tips and dying foliage?

Answer It is a normal growth pattern. Blueberries first send up straight, unbranched green canes that turn woody as they age. The tips turn black and halt terminal growth. The next year these primary cane... Read More »

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Do blueberry bushes have thorns?

No. Low bush blueberry shrubs can be twiggy but neither they nor highbush blueberries have thorns.

Can you plant blueberry bushes near blackberry bushes?

Yes, you can plant blueberry bushes near blackberry bushes. However, blueberries require more frequent watering. Also, blueberries require less space between plants than do blackberries, so to err ... Read More »

How to Clone Blueberry Bushes?

A blueberry plant that is already established can be cloned by softwood or hardwood cuttings. Hardwood cutting refers to cutting the mother plant during the dormant stage. Softwood cuttings are cut... Read More »

How do I defoliate blueberry bushes?

PruneCheck your blueberries frequently for pest infestation and disease. Prune away and destroy all infected or infested branches and leaves. Use sterilized pruning shears during the pruning proces... Read More »