Why do you want to partition your hard disk?

Answer Partitioning a hard disk is basically dividing it into multiple logical sections. There are many reasons a person would want to do this from organizing data in a certain way to being able to boot i... Read More »

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How to Change the Active Partition of Your Hard Disk with Parted Magic?

This guide shows how to change the boot partition of your hard disk. The boot partition is sometimes also called the active partition, both terms mean the exact same thing.When your computer starts... Read More »

What type of virus hides in the boot sector of a disk or the partition table of a hard disk?

A "Boot Sector Infector" virus will hide in the partition table or boot sector of a hard disk. It loads into a computer's memory during the boot process, and begins executing malicious code.Referen... Read More »

How do I partition a hard disk on XP as FAT32?

Open the New Partition WizardClick "Start". Right-click "Computer". Click "Manage". Click "Storage". Click "Disk Management". Right-click the section of your disk marked "Unallocated space". Click ... Read More »

How to Partition and Format a New Hard Disk?

A hard disk, which is commonly referred to as a hard drive, is your computer's primary storage device. If you've installed a new hard disk into your computer, you can partition and format the drive... Read More »