Why do you think people need to troll Vegetarian and Vegan answers?

Answer Every section of YA has trolls, and they are far more offensive in some other sections. For example, one of the V&V trolls also trolls the Cancer section, which has the potential to cause real pai... Read More »

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Who is your favorite Vegetarian/vegan troll and what are some examples of thier best work?

Oh I third Foxy!! What a laugh he was! My, how we chuckled at his funny little questions and his constant threats to report us to the internet watchdogs!! {sighs, and wipes a tear} How I miss hi... Read More »

Who do you think is the Yahoo Answers Vegan or Vegetarian of the year?

Wow, I'm flattered! Thank you everyone for such kind words... er, most of them anyway. What the heck does "questionable troll connections" mean? I guess that can be said of most everyone and while ... Read More »

All answers. Rate being a vegetarian/ vegan from 1-10. Give me your reasons whyDo you love or hate the idea?

Nonvegetarian 0/10pesco or poulo pseudo vegetarian 0/10ovo-lacto vegetarian 5/10vegan 10/10I love being vegan too.

Why Is It When People Become Vegetarian/Vegan...?

I'll borrow a line from Dr. John McDougall "people like to hear good news about their bad habits".Since most people aren't vegetarian it seems like being a vegetarian must be "the thing that makes ... Read More »